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NAVIGATION: Re-framing Perspectives

May 9, 2014  

 Photo: Ryan De La Cruz

Photo: Ryan De La Cruz

"I believe this outdoor collaboration with the MANGO PEELER truly impacted each of us because it focused on re-framing perspectives and ideologies. We became fully aware of our breathing and our surroundings, we engaged our senses so that we can minimize or widen our viewfinder.

The NAV participants are excited to discover where this dialogue will take them and how the continuous practice of applying theory in action will shape their entire being as a whole."

-- NAV participant, Ryan De La Cruz

Navigation (NAV) is Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture's newest arts-based mentorship program, for Filipino male youth. Led by my partner, Darrel Gamotin, the participants embark on a different journey/workshop every Saturday with a professional artist in the community (eg. sculptor/weaver Tim Manalo, storyteller extraordinaire Romeo Candido, multimedia artist & athlete MANGO PEELER, etc...). This summer at the Kultura Filipino Arts Festival, the young men of NAV will exhibit a collection of artwork alongside the participants of their sister program, CLUTCH. 

If what Ryan has to say in this blog post is any indication, the community needed this. The youth in our city (ESPECIALLY those belonging to immigrant/diasporic communities) need this type of mentorship, guidance, exploration. 

Big love to everyone who is making this happen. 

Christine Mangosing